Software. It's everywhere. It's become an essential part of every day life. Need to write a letter? Unless you've got an old typewriter laying around somewhere you'll be using Software to compose, print, and probably send your letter. Computers, smart phones, your car, even your kitchen appliances, all rely on Software.

Application Development - These days probably 99% of what you need in the way of Software is readily available for purchase or download. Most of the time you can "get by" with what is available. Sometimes you can't, or don't want to. Advanza has designed and developed applications for many industries, utilizing many programming languages, over the past 20 years. Need something you can't find on-line? Have an idea for the next killer app but you aren't a coder? We can help.

Web and E-Commerce - Just about every business has some form of web-site or web-presence these days. Some are designed for commerce, others are informational. We can handle your needs from simple updates to an existing site to complete design and implementation of a new site for your business.

SEO and SES - Have a web-site? Does it show up in on-line searches? Most web sites are not configured well for being found on-line. That may be fine for a small business that operates mainly by word of mouth but not if you're using your web-site as a business generating tool. Search Engine Optimization - Optimizing the content of your web site to improve how search engines find and rank you in their results. Search Engine Submission - Requesting search engines to scan and rank your site instead of waiting for their periodic checks to get around to you. Both are important if you want to use your site for generating business.

Systems Integration - In many businesses there is no one solution for all your needs. Do your applications "talk" to each other? Can you transfer data between systems as needed? We have worked with many situations where systems need to be integrated. Tying e-Commerce web-sites to back-end accounting and inventory management. Credit Card processing to internal billing systems. Medical devices and systems using HL7 and DICOM. Need help getting your systems from different vendors talking to each other?

Databases and Data Mining - Have a database full of information accumulated over the years of doing business? Want to create a database to track certain information? We have extensive experience in database design, management, and mining.