Voice Services

No matter how hard the world seems to be trying NOT to talk to each other (text, e-mail, social media), Voice Communications are still an important part of any business.

Hosted PBX - More capabilities, less hassle. No need to buy an expensive phone system that has to be installed and maintained at your location. No need for physical phone lines coming to your building. With a Hosted PBX solution all you need is an Internet connection. Moving? No problem. Just take your phones to the new office. Out of town? No problem. Have your calls follow you.

Traditional PBX - While Hosted PBX solutions may have advantages for some businesses, others are more suited to a traditional PBX. There are a wide variety of systems out there to suit most any needs - analog, digital, hybrid, IP-based, open-source. Which one best suits your needs? We can help evaluate and recommend a system to fit your needs.

SIP Trunks - Even if you maintain a Traditional PBX, you may benefit from using SIP trunks instead of traditional physical lines such as POTS or PRI. Many PBX systems support the use of SIP trunks, which use an Internet connection between your PBX and the voice carrier.

PRI and POTS lines - When you want or need to use physical phone lines the good old POTS lines and PRI's are still around. Some carriers deliver these through traditional telco facilities (copper lines) while others use IP-based delivery to a converter. We work with carriers who can provide whatever options you need.