Security & Compliance

Security and Compliance, while a part of Information Technology, has become so important to business operations that it is a subject in itself. As information systems have evolved so have the potential risks as well as regulations. Not too long ago Security was simply locking the door. Now there are many "doors" where systems may be vulnerable to abuse or attack. Some industries have instituted regulations to promote compliance in securing systems and information to help prevent such attacks. Managing all of this can be an overwhelming task for a small business.

Firewalls, Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware - The first line of defense against outside intrusion is still the trusted Firewall. For network connections to the outside world (Internet), this is usually a dedicated device. A properly configured and maintained firewall can mitigate many potential threats. Anti-virus and anti-malware software are also essential to help prevent invasive software from threatening your systems. Sometimes these are run on the firewall directly as well as on individual systems within the network.

System Security and Access - While it's important to prevent viruses and malware from entering your systems it's equally important to have appropriate policies in place for employee, client, and customer access to systems and information. Understanding your business and properly configuring your system policies is very important. In many cases it's also important to establish written policies regarding content filtering, logging, and monitoring. Should employees be allowed to access social media? Do you monitor or archive e-mail communications? These are just a few things to consider.

Internal and External Security Scans - External Security Scans look for openings and vulnerabilities that could be exploited from outside your network. Certain industries, including Healthcare and Financial, require such scans be run periodically. This makes sense to most decision makers whereas Internal Scans are frequently overlooked. Why scan your internal network? It's inside after-all. Systems that are internal frequently have more vulnerabilities than your external exposure. Since no firewall, anti-virus, or anti-malware is 100% effective, should something get on to your internal systems it can spread like wildfire and cause significant damage. Making sure your internal systems are properly secured is just as important as preventing outside attacks.

HIPAA and ePHI Compliance - With the burgeoning Healthcare industry comes more and more regulation and compliance for securing systems and information. HIPAA and ePHI compliance require an in-depth knowledge of systems and information as well as the regulations involved. We have worked with medical providers for many years and have extensive experience in managing compliance with these standards.

PCI Compliance - The Payment Card Industry (PCI) has instituted compliance requirements that require specific data security measures be taken as well as periodic network vulnerability scanning. Advanza can assist in managing and performing the tasks necessary for your business to meet PCI Compliance standards.