Information Technology

IT Services covers a wide range of disciplines. It can be as simple as setting up a new computer or helping with an application to designing and implementing a complete enterprise solution encompassing hardware, networking, applications, security, work flow, and other processes. At Advanza we understand that every company has a different environment and level of need for IT Services. We work within your structure to provide whatever is needed from occasional support to full managed services.

Managed vs A-La-Cart Support - Some businesses benefit from a Managed Service solution while others are more suited to A-La-Cart Support. At Advanza we like to meet with our clients to review your systems and procedures so we can recommend an appropriate Managed, A-La-Cart, or mixed solution for your business. Most of our services can be provided under either model.

Remote Support vs On-Site - Once a relationship is established we can provide Remote Support for many of your needs. With permission we can access your workstations, servers, network and security components to assist with problems, upgrades, and configuration. Our goal is to maximize your productivity by minimizing downtime and other support related events. When Remote Support isn't appropriate, our technicians will come On-Site to resolve the issues.

Proactive Monitoring - Real-Time monitoring of your systems allows us to proactively resolve issues, many of which you may never see. From simple things like log files becoming too large to critical alerts about impending hardware failures or system crashes. Dealing with these types of things before they become a major issue helps minimize disruption of your operations.

IT Project Management - When it comes time to evaluate and implement new systems and procedures, Advanza can provide anything from recommendations to full project management. Often there are multiple vendors involved and systems integration issues can arise. With our wide breadth of experience we can manage these types of implementations for a smooth and timely delivery.

Disaster Recovery - One of the greatest exposures to most businesses is the lack of a Disaster Recovery Plan. How did your business fare during Superstorm Sandy? Are you prepared for extended power outages, floods, fire, or other disasters? It's not only about physical disasters but also information. Are you prepared to continue operating if your data is lost - temporarily or permanently? Even for a small business a comprehensive Disaster Recovery plan is an important part of survival these days.